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Company Databases
around 30,000,000 Italian and International companies to select from
geographically, by category, by turnover, by number of employees.
Complete with fax number and e-mail


Private Databases (Italy, Switzerland)
more than 20,000,000 telephone subscribers to select from geographically, by age, interests, social status, hobbies.
Available also for the USA, United Kingdom and Canada)

Delivery Service email/fax
We can use our database to send
your commercial messages
via fax or e-mail
to your potential clients

In addition to Italy and Switzerland, are
available the names of subscribers
Telephone in the United States, Canada
and the United Kingdom.

We have all the names of residents
of Italian origin in the three countries


Selection geographical area
You can request contacts from the list of telephone subscribers by area and/or by possible title (Dr, Prof., Engineer, Lawyer etc…)

Database composition
Every contact includes:
Name, Surname, Gender, Address, ZIP Code, Area, Region, Telephone numbers, possible title (Dr, Prof., Engineer, Lawyer etc…), Date of birth

The database is supplied in .xls for Excel if the number requested is less than 65,000, because Excel does not permit higher numbers, or in .mdb for Microsoft Access.
We also supply if requested very simple software to permit you to print adhesive labels for envelopes, or tables for consulting.

We guarantee 90% precision of information. Possible excess will be complemented with new contacts upon presentation of a sample of 10%.

Example files on the right.
All orders are fulfilled same day


Number request and quote
To know the number of contacts belonging to one or more areas in Italy, it is only necessary to compile the form clicking on Request Quote at the top, indicating to us the regions or cities of your choice and the age; within just a few hours we will send you the number and quote by fax.

Private requests with consumer profile and hobbies
A lot of information on Italian consumers is available, divided by interests, social status, hobbies, etc…
You can consult the list of profiles and indicate to us which interest you HERE.

Available now the new database with over 2,500,000 car owners containing personal information on the owner, make and type of car, motorbike or van, capacity, horsepower, year of registration etc.

The cost per contact is 0.075 Euros – minimum order 250 Euros (3,350 contacts).

The database is sent by e-mail, and if required also on CD it is necessary to add 51 Euros for international mailing costs.

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